Healthy, Eco-Conscious Baked Goods in the Big Apple

If you’re like me – and so many others in the Big Apple – you love to indulge in a mid-day snack or post-dinner treat. But it can be hard to find tasty food that’s both good for you and sustains the environment. Luckily, New Yorkers now have access to a new wave of healthy and eco-conscious baked goods.

Take, for example, Cake Street Sweets – a New York-based bakery that crafts their desserts with premium organic ingredients. All of their cakes are made completely from scratch, without added preservatives or artificial flavors. Plus, each item is sustainably produced with locally-sourced and compostable materials.

Next up is Pepples Donut Farm – an organic vegan donut shop in Brooklyn specializing in naturally gluten-free treats. Their signature handmade donuts are crafted in small batches using locally sourced ingredients and never include GMO products or synthetic flavors.

Finally, there’s AO&CO – a bakery offering up artisan sourdough bread that pays special attention to the environment. Not only does AO&CO use 100% organic heirloom grains for their breads and pastries, but they also give back to their community with projects that provide energy efficient housing and recyclable materials.

For those who care about their health as well as the environment, rest assured knowing that the Big Apple has your best interests at heart – even when it comes to baked goods!

New York City is home to a wide variety of baked goods that can satisfy any sweet tooth. From the classic cannoli at Little Italy to the decadent sugar-filled cupcakes of the Magnolia Bakery, the city has options for everyone. However, if you’re looking for something that’s both healthy and eco-conscious, there are plenty of places in NYC to explore.

One option is Tartine bakery in Greenwich Village, which offers freshly made items that use organic ingredients and support local farms. With vegan and gluten-free pastries, Tartine provides flavorful treats that are good for you and the environment. Another excellent pick is Odette’s Café in the East Village, which serves decadent cupcakes with organic frosting that contain fewer ingredients and no artificial flavors or preservatives.

If you’re looking for something more than just sweets, why not check out some of the delicious vegan cakes from Seva CD in Harlem? The bakers at Seva use local honey and seasonal produce for their creations, as well as items such as almond milk, hemp seed oil, and other plant-based ingredients. Additionally, Seva donates a portion of their profits to charity.

For those seeking more indulgence without guilt, Boulud Sud Café in the Lincoln Center area offers up some healthy pastries from its so-called “Nutrition Patrol Deli windows.” Croissants, cookies, muffins; all these goodies are made with natural sweeteners such as agave nectar or honey and made with non-GMO ingredients like flours and oats.

Whether you’re in Midtown or the outer boroughs, there are plenty of options for making delicious baked goods with an eco-conscious attitude right here in New York City. From vegan cakes to cupcakes made with organic frosting, the Big Apple has something to fulfill any craving while taking care of planet Earth.